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Chromebook - Dell Battery Issues

Check Your Charger

Visually inspect your charger and make sure it’s not faulty. Additionally, make sure the charger is plugged into a functional wall outlet. If you’ve got another Chromebook at hand, check if your AC adapter provides enough power to that device. If you’re experiencing similar issues on the second Chromebook, this indicates your AC adapter is the culprit. Get a new one.

Wait 30 Minutes to Exit Pre-Charge Mode

If you haven’t really used your Chromebook lately, the battery may be in pre-charge mode. In other words, the battery level will remain at 1 percent for about 30 minutes, and then the device will charge normally. One way to avoid pre-charge mode is to charge your laptop before storing it. However, keep in mind that your Chromebook battery will continue to discharge, albeit at a slower rate. If nothing’s changed after 30 minutes, this indicates your Chromebook’s battery is not charging at all.

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