Printing Attendance Comments using the Student Attendance List Report

For Truancy Meetings, a list of Attendance dates, codes and comments might be needed as supporting documentation. Below are instructions for creating this report by running the Student Attendance List report found in the Custom Reports tab of the System Reports page.

For printing off the comments entered on attendance days:

  • Go to the Start Page / Homescreen
  • Select System Reports
  • Click the Custom Reports Tab
  • Select the Student Attendance List
  • Select all students or the specific selection of students
  • Select All codes
  • Check the Show Daily checkbox
  • Check the Show Meeting checkbox
  • Click Submit

Even though it shows "Waiting for report parameters," I found this misleading. I set the parameters pictures above then found the report in a separate tab with my internet browser.

If you want the comments for just the current day absences, select All Absent Codes and give the date range starting with the current date.
Example: 11/29/18 - 5/16/18
If you want the full month, give the date range starting with the beginning of the month.
Example: 11/1/18 - 5/16/18

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