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Students Enrollments (Transfer Info)

Below are a few reminders for the start of the school year. Reference the document for complete steps to enrolling students.

1. When enrolling students at the beginning of the school year their entry code will most likely be E119. Otherwise, it will potentially be a reentry. For instance, if the student has attended another school in the fall of this school year he/she should have a re-entry code. This applies to students coming from out of state and in state. See Entry Code document attached.

  • EntryCode # E119: Please run this search at your school to get a list of students with potential Entry Code errors. If you find that they did not attend school elsewhere in the current school year, before starting at your school, please change the Entry Code to E119. We will need confirmation of any corrections before submitting enrollment records to the VDOE to update STI's.

2. Include the whole name of the school that a student is transferring from in the Entry Comment field (ex. Star City HS, VA). It is used by several offices at the division level and we may not know what those initials stand for.

3. If you need to "no show" a student you must use the same Exit Date as the students Entry Date. If you use any other date it would indicate that the student was in membership for one or more days.

4. If a student was pre-registered and expected to attend the first day of school but didn't show up until days later it is necessary that you change the students Entry Date to their actual first day of attendance. Below are the steps to be taken:

  • Remove all absences from Daily Attn (ES/MS/HS) and Meeting Attn (HS).
  • Changed the Entry Date.
  • Change class start dates in All Enrollments (communicate with scheduler).


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