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GED Graduates

The following fields need to be populated for all GED graduates and the same settings need to be made on the Schedule Setup page. Pay careful attention to the Graduation Date and exitdate. These dates need to line up with the GED Coordinator's records. Contact Melody Counts directly to ensure all the information is reflected in PowerSchool for the students at the student's Home School.

To find the GED Student in PowerSchool, you might need to check the Include Remote Enrollments checkbox.

Note: The importance of the Attendance page needs to be addressed between the High Schools and the GED Coordinator. All of the codes must be accurate for the State reports to be accurate as well. Use the full set of Present, UNX, RLP, RLE, RLU and others where appropriate.

State/Province-VA: General Tab Record this field for all students in the GED program:

  • GED Program Code = ISAEP (2)

Record these fields for all graduates of the GED program:

  • Grad / Other Completer Code = GED Certificate as a part of an ISAEP (8)
  • Graduation Plan Code

State/Province-VA: Transcript Tab

  • Diploma Type = Other Diploma (3)
  • Graduation Date = <Exit Date from GED program>

Transfer Information Page:

  • Transfer the student out, as of the day after the graduation date
  • Record the ExitCode as W731 (not W730)
  • Include the Transfer Comment Graduated with GED

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