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No Show Students

A No Show student is one who was pre-registered before the start of the school year, then for whatever reason does not start the school year at the intended school. This definition does NOT include students that transfer after they enrolled over the summer or within the first 10 days of the school year. No show an enrolled student that no longer plans to attend in the fall. Withdraw the student using the same exit date as the entry date. On occasion, this may happen during the school year, but please take every precaution NOT to enter the student into PowerSchool until the day they show up to attend class. It is no longer necessary to send the SIS technician the student number so the enrollment can be removed. The SIS technician can search for these records and remove them in mass if necessary. This is only done for students that do not have a previous enrollment within our school system and haven't been assigned a STI (State Testing Identifier).
Example: A preschooler that was enrolled over the summer, will not be attending in the fall.

During the Summer, In June Before the EOY Process

The SIS Technician must delete the "No Show" enrollment records of the in-district transfer students. Hopefully, these enrollments won't be necessary because the EOY Process will use the "Next School" field to transfer the students within the WCS.

During the Summer, After the EOY Process

If a transfer request is received over the summer, wait until after the EOY Process to transfer the enrollment.

  • Use the date of the transfer request as the exit date
  • Remove the E119 Entry Code if the student never attends a single class
  • Withdraw the student using the appropriate exit code for the school they will be attending
  • Include the school's name and state in the Exit Comment

NOTE: These students will be transferred out and NOT counted as a No Show student when they transfer before the start of school. Running the Enrollment Summary will not show these students since they never enrolled in a class nor given any attendance. They will NOT be counted in the No Show counts. We are tracking the number of students unaccounted for and a potential dropout situation.

Beginning of the School Year

The school must submit the 10 Day Enrollment Report. During the 10 days, students who have not shown up for school at all are tracked and counted on a daily basis. The students are then watched further to determine if they then become No Show Students that never attended the beginning of school.

No Show Students must be cleaned up after the 10 Day Reporting period and later when you receive confirmation that they are attending another school. Use the exit code and exit comment that is appropriate information if they are attending somewhere else. Otherwise, drop them with a W880 and W8 reason code, if they are unaccounted for and can't be found. This W880 can be updated when the student is located.

If you receive a transfer request for a student that hasn't attended any of your classes for the current year, set the entry date and the exit date to the date of the transfer request. Remove the E119 and clear the attendance.

If a student has not shown up as of the 10th day of school, and you do not know where they are; you should remove their absences, and then withdrawal them as of the first day of school. There is a grace period if you suspect the student will still attend but they cannot be dismissed for a long period of time.
NOTE: All W8xx exit codes have to be followed up on ASAP so that you can figure out where these students are enrolled. Once you know where the student went, you'll need to change the W880 exit code, W8 Reason Code and the No-Show exit comment to match the information you have on the student.

  1. Remove all Attendance codes from the Attendance page (Daily and Meeting).
  2. Drop the student from all of their classes as of the first day of school. Entry date = Exit date if the student never attended a class.
  3. Under Enrollment Functions, select Transfer Out of School
  4. For the Transfer comment, type the name of the new school including the state.
  5. For the Date of transfer, use the first day of school (same as the entry date on the enrollment)
  6. Record the Exit Code as W880 until further information is acquired, pulling all resources to locate the student.
  7. For the W8 Reason Code, enter the most appropriate reason.
  8. Contact the SRO (School Resource Officer) and share the list of No Show Students to help locate the current status of the missing students.
  9. The Unknown Transferred Out student will now have a "No Show" record listed on the Transfer Info page.
  10. After the 10 Day Enrollment Report timeframe, remember to blank out the entry code for that record. Any mass changes are done by the SIS Technician per request by the individual school.

SIS Tech: No Show Cleanup

Search for No Shows in current enrollments and remove the entry codes. Then, after the PK student start date, search re-enrollments for No Show records and remove those who have a current enrollment before 10/1. Search on the Re-Enrollments.

Preparation for Fall SRC

From time to time, the EIMS system does not assign STI (Student Testing Identifiers) for students that were No Show at the beginning of the current school year.

If a student has NEVER attended WCS before, No Shows are not required to have an STI.

If a student has 0 present days at WCS for the first 10 days of school, they should be treated as a No Show student.

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