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Jennifer Rhea Jun 1, 2023, 2:51 PM to principals, etc.

PRINCIPALS, please make sure your GUIDANCE COUNSELORS, AND ENROLLMENT CLERKS, see this before Thursday, June 29, 2023. With the employee turnovers throughout the year I may miss someone.

Hello everyone!

The End of Year (EOY) Process closes out the current school year, graduates seniors, enrolls pre-registered students, and transfers all other active students to their next year School/Grade Level.

I will begin the EOY Process on Wednesday, July 5th upon our return from the July 4th holiday. During this time PowerSchool will be unavailable for a couple of days at least.



SCHEDULES: All middle and high school schedules must be committed. After the EOY Process, you can continue to work with schedules on the live side of PowerSchool in the new school year. YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO USE POWERSCHEDULER AFTER THE EOY PROCESS IS COMPLETE. Let me know if you wish for me to commit schedules before I perform the process.


NEXT YEAR GRADE and NEXT SCHOOL INDICATOR: These fields are located in the Scheduling Setup page of each student record. They MUST be filled out for each student who was active at the end of the previous school year. I shared instructions on how to do this at the beginning of each year so it should have already been taken care of. But, if you aren't familiar with the process go to WIKI - Scheduling for instructions. I will send an email with potential errors throughout June.

IN DISTRICT SUMMER TRANSFERS: During the EOY Process, students transferring in district will be automatically moved from their current school to their new school as long as the student's Next School Indicator has been set properly by the enrollment clerk at the students current school.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please let us know. I hope you all are having a great summer! Thanks, Jennifer Jennifer Rhea, SIS Specialist Washington County Schools

After completing the Schedule Setup page in preparation for the EOY process, please follow the directions below to cross check students' Next Grade setup to the Retained field. Several student records were found to be marked Retained on the State/Province- VA page, even though they are marked to be promoted on the Schedule Setup page. The EOY Process goes by the later setting and will automatically promote them to the next grade level, even though their Retained field is flagged as Yes (indicated by an internal code of 1).

To check these, follow these directions: Copy/paste this search in PS to find active students currently marked to be held back on their State/Province - VA page: S_VA_STU_X.Retention_TF=1 Go to the List Students function and enter the following verbatim and click on Submit. image.png Once you have the list of students, sort by Grade to find records like the examples below that have an X next to them. image.png Determine if the Retained flag is an old one and just needs to be removed or if the student really is being retained in the fall school year. If the student should not be retained go to the State/Province - VA page and change the Retained flag to NO. If the student should be retained, follow these WIKI instructions on how to retain students. How to Retain Students If the student is a senior and will be returning next year (for whatever reason) click the link at the bottom of that WIKI page for detailed instructions for retaining seniors.

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