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Special Ed Weekly Time Percentage

Each Fall, we need to collect the SpEd Weekly Time Percentage from each of the SpEd teachers to record in PowerSchool for the Fall SRC (Student Record Collection).

The standard Special Ed Weekly Time Percentage Worksheet is made of several blank columns identified for Student ID, Primary Disability and so forth. Pulling the SpEd services for students would help the teachers gather the information more efficiently. The extra information taken from PowerSchool would make it easier for the teachers to complete the worksheet.

Export the codes by running the following search…

S_VA_STU_X.Primary_Disability_Code # ;S_VA_STU_X.Primary_Disability_Code # 15 ; grade_level#-1; grade_level <4 …and then export the fields listed below (don't forget to check box beside of "column titles on 1st row")…

* Home_room
* LastFirst
* Student_Number
* S_VA_STU_X.Primary_Disability_Code
* S_VA_STU_X.SPED_Secondary_Disability_Code
* S_VA_STU_X.SPED_Third_Disability_Code

Open the list in MS Excel, save as an Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)
Copy and paste the Student Numbers and Disability Codes into the SpEd Worksheet for each teacher.
This will provide more information for each specific Teacher's list of students.


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