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Out of State Transfers and Staying at WCS

Add a new line of Enrollment on the Transfer Info page for the dates the student moves to TN. Functions → Create New School Enrollment

For a student transferring to/from TN, remember to update the Responsible Div/School (Trans Info), Tuition Codes (State Page), and District Of Residence (Trans Info). Use W115 (exit code) and R115 (entry code).

  • Make these changes on the Transfer Info page:

  • Make these changes on the Edit Enrollment page:

  • Make these changes on the State/Province - VA Info page:

  • Please identify the students that might have moved from TN to VA (or VA to TN), but their new enrollment or codes still need to be corrected using these searches:
    • DistrictOfResidence=888;state=VA
    • DistrictOfResidence=094;state=TN
    • S_VA_STU_X.Tuition_Paid_Code=;state=TN
    • S_VA_STU_X.Tuition_Paid_Code=10;state=VA
    • S_VA_STU_X.Responsible_Division=888;state=VA
    • S_VA_STU_X.Responsible_Division=094;state=TN
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