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Unexcused Codes for SRC Unexcused Absences Tally

To prepare for the Oct 1st (Fall), March 31st (Spring), and Last Day of school (EOY) snapshot dates for the SRC report; update the State/Province-VA page with the current codes from the provided drop-down lists on the SRC Unexcused Abs tab.

Note: Remember to use the *as_of trick to locate a student that transferred out of your school.
Example: *as_of=8/9/22; student_number=960915809

If you notice the absence totals are not accurate, contact your SIS Specialist. The Refresh Attendance Tracking Data report needs to be submitted for your school on a daily basis.

Continue to update these codes throughout the year as the attendance is tracked for Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy issues. Run the Attendance Count report for a list of students with 5 or more unexcused absences to confirm the correct coding and actions have been taken.

When preparing for the SRC reports, obtain the current list from your SIS Specialist, Lisa Okes ( You do not have to sort through every active student individually.

Also find the Missing Unexcused Info from the System Reports - sqlReports - Attendance. Then select the Unexcused Absences Missing SRC Info from the list. – OUT OF ORDER as of Feb 2020

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