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Record Lunch Counts

The lunch counts are reviewed by the Front Office and Cafeteria Managers in PowerSchool. See this wiki page for Reading Lunch Counts. The lunch counts are recorded by the teachers in PowerTeacher.

  • Click on the Knife and Fork forming the X next to the attendance chair for the Homeroom class.

  • Review the Lunch Menu by clicking on the hyperlink on the top left corner.
  • Enter the lunch counts for the current class in the appropriate grade level only.
  • Notice the Deli count and the Salad count must share the same field. Use the XX/XX format to store the numbers. Remember to always use 2 digits for each count.

Example: 3 Deli orders are stored as 03, and 9 Salads are stored as 09 entered as 03/09.

  • Click Submit to save the Lunch Count.
  • To modify the lunch count, simply return to the Knife and Fork X icon and adjust the numbers. Remember to click Submit to register the new numbers.
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