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Start of Year

Many tasks must be completed before the first day of school where others need to happen during the first few weeks/months.

State Data Fields

Many of the student fields are used to reflect the current school year and the status of the student. Therefore, it is necessary to clear out the state reporting data values needed for the annual state reports before updating the values for the current school year.
Warning: Coordinate with the SIS Technician before updating the fields to ensure they have been cleared for the current year.

Home Room Teacher

The Home_room fields need to be updated for the student's current schedule. The school's instructions can be found at Home Room Field. The SIS Technician instructions are found at

The Home Room is used for the Library Software, the School Nutrition Software and for reports at the schools.

Quick Lookup Display Order

If the school is expecting the Quick Lookup screen to list the classes in order by period, but they are not, this could be due to the Day and Period Precedence setting in the Scheduling Preferences.

An example Quick Lookup screen could show a listing like the following:

1(A-F) English I
2(A-F) Earth Science
3(A,C,E) Fitness for Living
5(A-F) Algebra I
6(A-F) Lunch
3(B,D,F) Photography
4(B,D,F) Spanish

In this example, the Quick Lookup screen is sorting the classes by day, and not by period. To resolve this, change the sort order to Period then day:

  • Navigate to School > Preferences (under the Scheduling Heading - scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen)
  • Under Class Sorting, change the Day and Period Precedence to Period then Day.
  • Click the Submit button.

Summer Transfer Students

Before the beginning of school starts, the SIS Technician must delete the "No Show" record of the in-district transfer students.

Entry Codes

Remember if a student hasn't attended any other school this fall, he/she should have an entry code beginning with E (original entry) to start out the school year. E119 works for every case, but you can use other codes that start with E. Run the following searches to find students who's entry code needs to be corrected.

EntryCode !contain E - Gives you a list of students that do not have an original entry code as of their first day of school. Correct this by going to the Transfer Info page of the student's record.

EntryCode # E119 - Gives you a list of students that do not have E119 as their entry code as of their first day of school. Correct this by going to the Transfer Info page of the student's record.


Use the Section Enrollment Audit report to detect POSSIBLE section enrollment errors, such as a student who is enrolled in school but not in any classes (which must be done for attendance to be taken). As well as a student that has course date misalignment's, meaning that their course start dates do not match their school enrollment date.

From the start page, choose System Reports from the main menu. The Reports page appears. On the System tab, click Section Enrollment Audit.

The Possible Conflicts for Section Enrollment Audit page displays any section enrollment errors. It is important that all enrollment dates and class start dates are accurate. This affects the monthly attendance reports as well as state reports ran through the central office. On the last school day of every month (before the Principal's Monthly Attendance Report is run) please work with each other and run the Section Audit Report to get a list of students who have either of the following errors:

Students enrolled in school, but not in any classes. All students should have a class schedule. The exception to this rule is if a student is enrolled in classes at another school (such as the WCCTEC).

Students with course date misalignments with school enrollments. Once you verify the students school start date you will need to either adjust the entry date in the students Transfer Info page or the class start date(s) located in the students All Enrollments page to which ever one is accurate. The exception to this rule is if a student has had an extra line of enrollment added due to a change in special ed placement, homebound/homebased placement, tuition code, or grade level.

Refresh Attendance Tracking Data This District-Level report is needed to run daily for the SRC Unexcused Absence totals displayed on each of the students' State/Providence - VA page. At the beginning of the year, the District Setup - Attendance Tracking and Notification - Update Calculation Year needs to be changed to the current year for all the schools at WCS. Otherwise, the calculations will be off.

10 Day Enrollment Reports

Starting the first day of school, each "No Show" student must be identified to track when they begin school and how many students are still missing. Use the 10 Day Enrollment Report to communicate these numbers with the school administrators.

Option for tracking these students

At the schools is to use the Registration Forms/Folders as a physical reminder. At the beginning of school, each student could be assigned an enrollment form/folder. When the student registers, the file/folder is updated. For the students that don't register or don't begin school, the file/folders are empty.

Take the empty file/folders and confirm that each of these students is still missing. View the attendance for each day to see if these students have been counted. If they still show as absent, use the PA system to call each of the "No Show" students to the office after the morning announcements. If the student doesn't show up in the office, then the student is confirmed to be a "No Show" student. If the student doesn't arrive in the office, also confirm with the homeroom teacher to see if their attendance was marked accurately. If they were marked present but did not arrive in the office and the teacher confirmed they are absent, then the attendance needs to show absent for the student.

Continue to use this method for the 10 days of school to produce an accurate count of "No Show" students.

Graduation Requirement Sets

At the beginning of each year, each high school is responsible for updating the Graduation Requirement Sets for each type of diploma to include the current year's available courses.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal will remain open year around. However, schedules for an upcoming year will be suppressed until a paper copy is mailed to students during the summer.

1. The Current Grade Display determines what grading terms parents can see in the Parent Portal. This is located at Start Page > School Setup > Current Grade Display.

2. The PowerSchool Daily Bulletin can be used to provide information to parents as well as teachers and administrators about general school information including important events, fundraising activities, parent nights, grading terms, etc. It is locate at Start Page > Special Functions > Daily Bulletin Setup. If you wish to share a daily bulletin with parents you will need to select Public as the target audience.

Reporting Segments

To update reporting segments navigate to Start Page > School Setup > Reporting Segments to adjust the start and end dates to reflect the first and last school day of each month. Example, the first school day of August is 8/09/2017 and the last is 8/31/2017. Remember not to use the first or last day of the month if they fall on a weekend or other non-school day.

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