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SchoolMessenger is a system that our district uses to provide timely communication to parents and staff members on matters such as attendance, general interest activities and district emergencies. This notification system allows us to send emails, text messages(SMS), and recorded voice messages to keep you updated about what is going on in our school district.

Contact Manager

Contact Manager is a feature of SchoolMessenger that allows our contracted staff and parents to update contact information used by SchoolMessenger. It also allows users to choose the types of notifications they receive and how they receive them. Once you are in Contact manager, you'll have the following options at the top of the screen:

  • Messages - Here you can view all notifications that have been sent to any of your contacts.
  • Contacts - Here you can view the contacts associated with you account. Clicking the Edit link beside a contact will allow you to update the contact information for that contact and decide what types of notifications you receive.

[NOTE] The contact information you enter in Contact Manager will not update any other system. Staff should let the Human Resources department know if their primary phone number changes. Similarly, parents need to let their children's school(s) know if any of their important contact information changes.

How To Sign Up For Contact Manager

The method used to sign up for Contact Manager will vary depending on whether you are contracted staff or a parent.

Contracted Staff

All contracted staff will receive an email with instructions on how to activate their Contact Manager account shortly after beginning employment with Washington County Public Schools. If you are a contracted employee and have not received an email with these instructions, please contact the Information Systems department.


Parents will need an active Parent Portal account to access Contact Manager. Once logged into Parent Portal, you'll find a link on the left hand side of the page for SchoolMessenger. Clicking this link will take you directly into Contact Manager without having to log in a second time.

Non-Contracted Staff & Community Members

All non-contracted staff and members of the community that wish to receive emergency notification will need to use the SchoolMessenger Community sign up page to have their contact information sent to SchoolMessenger.

Parents Who Are Also Contracted Staff

If you are a parent of a Washington County Public School student and are also a contracted employee, you will need to use Parent Portal to access contact information about your students and your staff Contact Manager account to access contact information about yourself. These two sets of data are not linked so updating your staff contact information WILL NOT update contact information for your students.

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