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How to Transfer Students

During the School Year

For General Student Transfers, use these handouts as guidelines:

  • Use the latest enrollment record to transfer the student. Example: If they have a SASI record and a PowerSchool record. The PowerSchool record is the most recent enrollment.
  • When a request is received for a student at your school to be transferred, coordinate with the new school to transfer all the necessary records before working in PowerSchool.

For ALL Transfer Students,

  • The exit date must be recorded as the day AFTER the last day of attendance in the classroom.
  • Note: If the student transfers during a school break, the exit date will be the first day the school is reopened. This also includes weather related closings.
  • Note: If the student is unable to attend the new school immediately, the enrollment dates must still reflect the actual date of attendance, not the date of intended attendance. Remember to adjust the start dates for each of the student's classes. View/Edit the dates on the All Enrollments page.
  • Same School Transfer: If the student is transferring classes within the same school, ensure the entry/exit dates are accurate as well. If the exit date is not considered carefully, all the grades and attendance records will be completely wiped out for the transferring student. Example: The Same School Transfer is used for students in Bridge. They are not transfered to APS currently.
  • Same School Transfer to show the Change in Grade level: If the student is promoted/demoted during the school year, select the option to Create a New Enrollment from the Functions page under Enrollments.
  • No Show: When No Show-ing a student in PowerSchool, as with all withdrawals, an exit code and exit comment (with the format of Abingdon HS, VA, etc) must be entered. All classes should be dropped and all attendance cleared before withdrawing students as well.
    • In addition to the above when no showing a student (using same withdraw date as the entry date) the entry code must be removed. I was able to remove the entry code on all of the 2015-16 no shows this morning so you shouldn't need to go back and correct any of those.
    • To find inactive students without an exit code or comment please run the following searches throughout the year.
      • /Enroll_Status = 2;EntryDate >= 8/10/2016;ExitCode =
      • /Enroll_Status = 2;EntryDate >= 8/10/2016;ExitComment =
  • Seniors: For transferring seniors that are not graduating, clear out the pre-recorded graduation date and other grad fields if the student is not an early graduate.

For Interchange Student Transfers,

  • Transfer from the school to APS for Melissa Sluss to enroll in classes. Work together with Special Services.

For Bridge Student Transfers,

  • The student is technically in the same school (home school) and not transferred to Bridge.
  • The student's classes are dropped and Tim Duncan works with the original school to schedule the student into the Bridge classes.
  • At some point, the previously used attendance code "BRG" might return to show on the Attendance page.

For APS Student Transfers,

  • Work with the Special Services to transfer them to the original home school in PowerSchool before transferring them out to the new school.

During the Summer

Before the EOY Process (May-July)

  • Wait to transfer the student until the EOY Process is complete
  • Treat the student as a No Show in the fall and follow the steps below

After the EOY Process, and before the beginning of the year for IN DISTRICT Transfers (early Aug)

  • Wait until after August 1st so the EOY SRC has been completed and fully submitted
  • Use the current date as the exit date. You cannot use the first day of school (which typically constitutes a "no show") because that will not remove them from scheduling rosters. The SIS Technicians will mass change the exit dates to 8/10/2015 once school starts.

After the EOY Process, and before the beginning of the year for OUT of DISTRICT Transfers (early Aug)

  • Transfer the student after the new school has requested the transfer and the official cum folder has been sent.
  • The student will not be included in WCS enrollments for the fall.

All other students that are suspected to have transferred, but an official request has not been received

  • Register the student for the first day of new school year.
  • The student will be included on the 10 Day Enrollment report that starts on the first day of school.
  • Use the 15 Day drop rule.
  • The student becomes a No Show after the 15 days have passed.
  • If the student attends school before the 15 days, adjust the start date to reflect the actual date they attended class.
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